On-site, skills-based, certificate restaurant service training and dining etiquette workshops

Since 1998, EATiQuettehas presented restaurant service training programs for casinos, resorts, private clubs and independent restaurants.

Our book, The Main Course on Table Service (with accompanying instructor's manual) is used as a restaurant service training resource throughout the U.S. and abroad.

On the consumer side, our dining etiquette workshops -- which usually include a 3-course lunch -- help teens and adults improve their dining skills and manners.

The Main Course on Dining Etiquette, is based on our dining etiquette workshops and our "Ask Mr. EATiQuette" newspaper column.

EATiQuette co-owner and presenter David Rothschild is a veteran restaurateur and former high school culinary arts instructor. He was inducted into the Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame in 2003.

EATiQuette co-owner Barbara Rothschild is a former food writer and marketing professional. She handles the business aspects of the company and assists with training.

We volunteer with several Phoenix-area not-for-profit agencies, providing dining etiquette and table service training for their clients and staff.

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